Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Friday!!!

Friday's always seem to improve my mood a little bit. Such a wonderful day! And the weather is awesome! Supposed to be in the 80's. I love it! can't wait for a dress and favorite summer attire.
Just a few things...

I went home last weekend to check out a house. It was cute...still lookin though. Don't have a whole lot of time though. I had a wonderful dinner at LaHacienda (the best mexican ever!) Friday night when I got in. we had a pretty big crowd with us so it took a while to get seated...oh so worth it though! Saturday morning, Mary Helen, Mamie, John David and I went yard saling. The church youth group was having one as well as the Buffler House in St. Florian. I got quite a few baby things at the church one. At the Buffler House one, I found a youth XL Carhartt jacket, a really pretty old vase, I bought some notecards with a pencil sketch of the Buffler house (a $10 donation) and some of Mrs. Dorothy Eckl's banana nut bread. It was so delicious! I brought it home and between me, Daddy, and Mary Helen, it was gone on Sunday. And I think Mary Helen only ate 1 piece....haha. We had a blast! Saturday afternoon, I just did some running around and came back to the house to eat brats...yummy. I ended up at the gym with Jennifer and Cecilia that night. I can't keep up with those girls!! They're animals. Sunday, Daddy and I went to church and went to eat at Bojangles (of course). Obviously, I didn't eat too healthy while I was at home :) I headed on back sunday afternoon. I had told Mack I would take him to auburn to see John McCuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. he was doing a private show at the Strutting Duck. I thought Mack would enjoy it since he mostly plays the banjo AND they were giving a Deering banjo away. so, we headed over there. and might I suggest seeing him. He was wonderful! He was more of a story-teller with his music and he was so funny. We really had a great time...even though we didn't win the banjo :)

Monday started out a pretty good work week. They had me a baby shower/going away party at work that afternoon. It was so fun and I got some really nice things. Sue had taken up for a gift and the office gave us a beautiful Feltman Brothers dress and $200! I was shocked. It was toooo nice. Sue also gave Kathleen a sweet cross necklace. We also got a Target gift card and some bath stuff from a couple other ladies. We had some good cake and it was very nice.

Mack and I are both going home this weekend. He's taking the FE in Huntsville...wish him luck! I'm hoping we'll nail down a rental house this weekend too. Then Monday, I have my next Dr's appointment...which I will taking the glucose test then. ewww, not looking forward to that. Wish me luck on it!!:)

I'm 27 weeks's a belly pic...

Getting bigger every day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

And about to get busier! My time before I start work in North Alabama is counting down and I have tons to do before it gets here. Eek! I just turned in my travel packet today and should hear something from relocation services soon. We have to find a day to go on a househunting trip, a day for them to come move our stuff, a day for them to deliver it after we find our new rental house....yep, it's going to be crazy! But, honestly, what do you expect from me?! I haven't stayed in the same place for more than a year and a half in the last 3 years! I feel like this will be a final move as far as where it is . I know we'll move houses, but at least stay in the same area for good.

My yard sale was a bummer. Didn't make near what I thought I would. Oh well. I still ordered my furniture this past weekend! I had a 10% and wanted to take advantage of it, so the pieces should be delivered this week. Of course I'm getting them delivered to my parents cause we would just have to move them again. Here are some pics:

Can't wait to have a room in a house to put them in:)
Oh yes, and we did get our beagle pup! We drove up to Albertville last weekend to get him. He's adorable! Mack and I made trip out of it and stopped in Childersburg at Desoto Caverns on the way. It was really neat. Never been in a cave before. Here's a few pics of the caves and of SAMSON!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend also! Friday night, we went to church and as soon as we walked out the door, the tornado siren went off. It was a little scary on the drive home. I put together my corn casserole and we packed to leave the next morning. We got up EARLY on Saturday and headed to Mack's Grandmother's in Wadley. We ate at his Aunt Nunny's for lunch and I ate so much that most of the afternoon I spent outside in a chair...seriously, I don't think i got up for an hour and a half. We had a great time and there were a few kids to hunt Easter eggs so that was fun.

We had a great time hanging out with Mack's cousins and other family. Saturday night, we played cards where me and his cousin, Jeni, whooped Mack and Tori :) We were great partners! I still haven't given away our awesome kemps secret. hehe. Easter morning we got up REALLY early for sunrise service at Bald Rock. It was a beautiful place for it. I will have to get some of Tori's pics. They turned out gorgeous. We came back and ate breakfast. Mack and I got ready to head to Lineville to go to church with his Uncle Larry and Aunt Donna, Ben, Bridgette, and Zach and Krystal. Then we ate lunch and I ate til I was miserable AGAIN! but it was so good! We hid Easter eggs again and just had a great time with them.

Today marks the beginning of my 26th week. I can't hardly believe it. Kathleen is very active in the morning. She's quite the gymnast! It's so exciting and I can't wait to meet her in July! Here are a couple of belly pics! Gettin bigger every day...

These are my 24 and 25 week belly pics. What a difference 1 week made!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yay for sunshine!

Rain is a blessing, but I am so glad the sun is shining today!! And it's Friday, which is always wonderful :) Too bad I feel yucky-popo (John David's word). My head is so congested and I sure wish it wasn't. Hopefully it will pass real soon.

This past weekend I went home for my Aunt Cleo's 87th birthday party. It was so fun and everyone, including her had a great time. She got alot of flowers and gardening things since she still really enjoys doing that. We had an awesome meal. The meat, drinks, and cake was provided and everyone brought a pot luck dish. Everything was delicious - and I'm pretty sure I tried EVERYTHING so I would know :) Mack had a weekend in Georgia planned to fish with his Dad. The fishing got rained out but he had a great time with his folks. Another fun thing about this weekend was that Mary Helen and the kids stayed at Momma and Daddy's the whole time. David was gone so she loaded up and stayed up there with us. It's always fun for everyone to be there. Oh yeah, and Friday night was fun too cause I got to eat again with some great friends of mine. We went to a new restaurant in rogersville and it was yummy! we got to talking about our prom video and made an attempt to watch it when we got back to Jennifer's but couldn't get her VCR to cooperate. We were looking forward to a good laugh but maybe next time...

I had my doctor's appointment Monday and got back in with my doctor at home. He said everything was fine so that's good news. I 'll be back at the end of April for the glucose test which doesn't sound too fun. Hopefully we'll know where in the world we are going to live by then but who knows. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm trying to get rid of some stuff in a yard sale so hopefully that will go ok. AND, we may be going to pick up a beagle pup Sunday...not for sure yet, but hopefully :)