Monday, November 23, 2009

4 months and some other random things...

Just want to give a shout out to a blog that I purchased something from...

cute, cute, cute stuff and she has posted the dress she made for my little girl on there. The infant dress with the owl applique and Kathleen in pink is mine and I can't wait to get it! :)

She was sitting beside me in the recliner and this was how she fell precious :)

So, Kathleen turned 4 months old this month! where has the time gone?!? We went for her 4 month check up on the 16th. She weighed 13lb. 7 oz and was 24 and 3/4 inches long!! She's a tall girl :) She looked great which was wonderful news. But, then came the shots. she had already gotten fussy cause the nurse took forever to get back in there after the doctor left-maybe she just realized where she was and what was about to happen :( So then she was mad when the nurse held her legs down and just plain flat out angry at the world when she got her shots. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE in the office knew she wasn't happy-I've never heard her scream like that. Oh it just tears me up! But, we got through it. She cried until we left the office and she just wanted everyone to know how upset she was-bless her :(
She started rolling over this past week which has been amazing to me. It was like she caught on to it and hasn't stopped since :) That, and spitting. I don't know where she got it from, but just in the last week she has started this spitting phase. It's hilarious and oh so messy at the same time! I have been tryin to catch her rolling over on video for a while with no luck. I will get it sometime...

Last weekend we went to Georgia to visit Mawmaw and Granddad. We had a great time. Mack and Ed hunted and the girls shopped :) We met our friends Zach and Jennifer in Cartersville before we left so she got to meet them. This weekend, we spent Friday at my Mom and Dad's for a little while with the cousins. Then Saturday me and my best bud Jennifer went shopping in Huntsville. We met Stacy there and we had such a great time! Then that night we played a game called Loaded Question and just had a great time. Sunday morning we went to church, then Walmart and home. Ed and Rita came to get Kathleen at 11. Yes, that's right...she'll be gone til we get there on Wednesday....what was I thinking??!! I about had a mental breakdown when she left but then was fine. I sure do miss that precious face but i know she's in good hands:) My Mom and I went to the Thanksgiving dinner at church. It was delicious and we had a great time! I went and did a little shopping afterwards. I still have quite a bit to do for Christmas...

My Mom smocked this dress and I love it! Probably one of my favorites!

We are heading to Georgia for Thanksgiving with Mack's family. We are sure to have a great time and I'll post about it when we ge back!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stacy and Will's visit, Halloween with Mawmaw and others

My older sister, Stacy and nephew, Will arrived 2 weeks ago. and on October 30, we had his 1 year birthday party. I was so excited to see everyone and i love family functions. and we all had a great time. See all the pics...BUT, there was one unexpected party favor that everyone got....a stomach bug. My niece, Mamie, had had diarheaa a couple of times but we just thought it was probably something she ate as she is starting to put everything in her mouth these days. Apparently that wasn't the case. It was a highly contagious stomach virus. Mack was sick Saturday night along with just about everyone else at the party. He hada couple of days worth of being so sick. I only got sick once on Sunday night and I was fine on Monday although i stayed out of work 2 days to make sure I wasn't contagious and didn't share this lovely creature with everyone I work with. Kathleen had diarheaa but never acted like much was bothering her. I started her on Pedialyte almost immediately to keep her from dehydrating if she did have it. Mack and I walked around with bandanas on our faces for a day. I'm surprised she wasn't terrified of us. I couldn't take her to my Mom cause she had it too. It was such a mess! Everyone's recovered now but whew... Mawmaw (Mack's mom) came and she left without being sick but had a bad day after she got back home...sorry Mawmaw!! Meanwhile, before anyone came down with anything, Halloween day was so fun!

One of my great friends, Jessica, came by to meet Kathleen for the 1st time!
Our trip to the pumpkin patch!

We dressed Kathleen up in all her little outfits for the day. She was hilarious! I had just bought her a little pink leopard sleeper from Walmart. It was perfect! We ended not getting her out and we had a few visitors of our own. I had just about all the Disney princesses come by....they were so precious! My favorite pic is of Kathleen in the pumpkin. Don't think we're the only ones who are that cruel :) I got the idea from a friend of mine who sent me a pic of her nephew screamin when they tried to stick him in it. Kathleen took it quite well :) haha. Then Mack and I decided since we had a babysitter to dress up ourselves and go to the annual Connolly Halloween party. I have had a German girl costume for 3 years now and have not done anything in the past few years to be able to wear. I was shocked I could even still fit in it:)

Last week was a good week-other than being sick.The other pics are just some random ones from this past weekend. Kathleen and I went to Addison's (my friends Jennifer's little girl)birthday party Saturday. we had a great time!
this one she is intently watching tigger and pooh:)Then Sunday I decided to try and take Kathleen to church-alone. She was a perfect angel! she just smiled at me for a little while in her car seat and then got squirmy. she was fine til right towards the end. I left a little early (I'm pretty paranoid about lots of people and germs-I've already had some bad experiences). But, I was so glad we made it without any meltdowns :) Here is a pic of her in her pretty dress(thanks jenn!)...

I have almost completed my first smocked dress. Just lack the buttons and hemming it. I'm quite proud and can't wait to start on my next project. I could stay at home all day and make stuff...seriously. i love it!