Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

This is absolutely my favorite time of year! I can't believe it's already here. It seems like it was just the 1st week in December just a minute ago...I am ready...all the gifts are wrapped and I can't wait to see Kathleen tomorrow, even though she won't have a clue what's going on:)

I started out the month going to the Sugarplum market which got me in the Christmas spirit! It's a marketplace in Florence that goes on every year with all types of different vendors and goodies. It's a lot of fun. On the 11th, was our girls' Christmas party. Once again, it was sooo much fun! we all used to get together in high school and just started it back up last year. We had some great finger foods and played dirty santa. It was quite interesting this year:) there are always some wonderful gifts and it seemed like there were a few more hostile situations than last year...haha! the best part is afterwards when we all just sit around and talk and catch up. I feel so blessed to be able to still get together with my high school friends. (I posted pics in previous blog!)
Then, that Saturday, we headed to Adairsville for a basketball game that honored the team of 1999 that went to state. Mack was on the team and he really wanted to go and see everyone. We had a good time and Kathleen enjoyed her 1st basketball game :) Then, that Sunday was our Christmas dinner at church. Boy, was it yummy! The play was really cute and Kathleen apparently wanted her own part cause she 'talked' for the last half of was cute! At least she wasn't crying :) She did so well! then, it was time for her 1st experience with Santa! I got a few pic but none that were that great. the 1st one, you can tell she is pulling his beard(I was so afraid she was going to pull it off!) She didn't cry at all and she was so cute! The Christmas dinner at church ALWAYS gets me soooo excited about Christmas!! It was my favorite event of the year growing up and i hope Kathleen will get to enjoy it like I did. Just a wonderful time....

My birthday was on the 15th so Mack took me out to eat. It was also Kathleen's 5 month birthday! It was a great day-other than having a nail in the side wall of my tire and having to buy a new one :P Itook off half the day and just spent the afternoon with Kathleen which was a wonderful gift in itself. She and Mack gave me a charm for my Pandora bracelet with Kathleen's birthstone on it....beautiful!!! Mack and went to Texas Roadhouse. the food was awesome-can't say the service really was, but it didn't ruin my time :)

On that Friday night, I planned to take Kathleen to see Santa and do a few things in town. So, my friends wanted to go out to eat for my birthday and Jenn wanted to take Addison to see Santa as well. so we all met in florence at the mall and saw Santa Clause. Kathleen was so funny. she just looked up at him and pulled his beard and was just so chilled out. I don't think she really cares too much who is holding her as long as SOMEONE is :) My camera wasn't quick enough to get some very good shots of her but oh well. It was so fun! then me, Kat, Jenn, Addison, molly and Cecilia went to eat at Texas Roadhouse again! It was delicious again! Kathleen fell asleep and Addison kept us entertained:) Well, Kathleen was asleep until my WONDERFUL friends told the waitress it was my birthday. I didn't even know it til they came up with a stinkin saddle and about 5 people. They make you get up on the saddle and then tell everyone it's your birthday and they even told how old I was!!! come on! then everyone in the restaurant yells 'yee doggie'! sooooooo embarassing! Jenn has some pics of me on there... will have to get those later :)

That Saturday, the 19th was my Mom's birthday. My older sister, Stacy and her husband, Matt and my nephew, Will all arrived from North Carolina. We all gathered at Momma and Daddy's to eat for our birthdays. we had a great time as always! that night, Mack and I went home and put the finishing touches on Christmas dinner for the next day.

So, on Sunday, we had Kathleen baptised. What a wonderful and blessed day it was!!!!! The Burtons came up for the occasion and then we had the Burton family Christmas at our house (in case, you couldn't tell-this was a BUSY weekend for us!!!) the Baptism was great...I knew she was getting so tired. We got up there and she started spitting and then barely fussed for a second and then went right to sleep!! She was just an angel! didn't even cry when the water hit her!! And she looked beautiful. My Momma made the dress and bonnet and I couldn't be more proud for her to wear it. She has made all the grandkids gowns. My older sister Stacy and Matt are her godparents and we are very excited about that. We know she is so loved by them. It was just a great day. We got home and stuck casseroles in the oven, finished up the ham, put out dessert and gobbled it all up! Mack and I couldn't believe how much food we had!! then we opened presents...Mack got my name and he got me a massage-he's so good about the massage thing! I think he thinks I need it so I will relax :) haha. We had a wonderful time and I hated to see everyone go.

Kathleen got a camo dress from Granddad! :)
So, here we are about to be Christmas again. What a wonderful time of the year! I am so excited about it being Kathleen's first and it just makes it so special. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and enjoys all the time they can with their loved ones!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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