Monday, August 22, 2011

just ducky giveaway!

one of my great friends is having a just ducky trunk show next month and this wonderful website is having a $25 just ducky certificate giveaway! so excited!
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome to the world, Bennett Rex Moncus!

Bennett arrived Monday, June 27th at 2:32 am. He weighed 6 lb, 1 oz and 20 inches long and PERFECT! We love this little man...including big sister Kathleen!

yay! a posh patina giveaway!

A Few of My Favorite Things blog is having a Posh Patina giveaway! which always makes me very happy:) here is the link-just follow the instructions to enter the giveaway:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bennett's Nursery and others...

Here are a few snapshots of Bennett's nursery! Don't have everything hung up yet but getting there....Rita gave me several Radio Flyer miniatures I'm planning on putting on a shelf. Also, gonna throw some of Mack's babseball things in there. He has the coolest collection of several of the balls he pitched with in high school, all with little scribbles on them about who they were playing and who he happened to strike out that game:) I love it...He's gonna build a little dispaly shelf to put them on which I think will look really cool. Just have to note my thriftiness...I fell in love with the wall murals that matched this bedding with the retro tricycle, scooter and wagon. I found a Radio Flyer tricycle that I wanted to get eventually that I thought would look so neat in there. Soooo, i was at my friend Alisha's house-going through her maternity clothes and little girl clothes before they had their moving sale. When I spotted a Retro Radio Flyer tricyle in the corner, my eyes lit up! I thought-it couldn't hurt to ask and so I did...'are you selling that tricyle?' to which she replied 'I'd sell my vehicle if someone offered me enough for it', love her. So I asked how much she wanted for it(I don't think Jamie wanted to get rid of it for the girls' sake) but they both said $15 and I said wootwoot! SCORE!

And here is my hospital gown I made! So excited not to be wearing little blue pyramids this time! Maybe not what I should be worried about, but seriously? could hospital gowns be any more hideous?! pattern found here:

And this is me at 36 weeks. I go back to the doctor Wednesday and am anxious to hear what he has to say. I'm getting so ready to meet Bennett and at the same time, a little nervous to have 2:)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog Giveaway

So, as noted in a few blogs back, I have joyfully discovered the Posh Patina shop on etsy- and through her site I have discovered another fun blog to follow! - lots of cuteness going on there! AND a Posh Patina giveaway! Find out more here...


34 weeks

Well, I made my doctor's visit yesterday-along with miss priss who decided to make her presence known with a VERY stinky diaper while we were there :/. He said I was making some progress and stated 'you'll probably make it 2 more weeks...' umm, excuse me? So, i say-'So, I won't be making it til July 3rd?' to which he replies-'i can't say for sure, but you're moving right along.'. Oh my. I've been feeling like maybe he would be early but I was giving myself another 3 weeks...and who knows? He may not come til the 3rd, BUT, when the doc is saying 2 weeks, that's a good indication. so, now it's time to get down to business-for real. At least his nursery is ready-mostly. Gotta get car seat in...I got some of my pjs together last night. I think I was nesting a little...stayed up til 11:30 folding clothes. Tagged some consignment items for the Dittos for Kiddos fall sale( trying to get it done before Bennett gets here. Hoping to pull in a little extra cash for my maternity leave. I am now 36 weeks and don't have a 35 week pic...but above is my humungous belly from 34 weeks.

I can't wait to meet my little baby boy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A month of fun

May has been a great month! Lots of fun things going on. We needed some fun after the end of April was so terrible. Lawrence County, where I work, was really devastated and a few our farmers lost everything they had-so sad. Keep them in your prayers!

May started out with a diaper shower for Bennett hosted by my best friend Jaime and her mom Susan. It was great and so much fun! A few friends and an awesome brunch made for a great morning!

My beautiful hostesses....Jaime was so sweet and gave Kathleen a princess dress-up dress...she loved it:)

The next day was Mother's day. We enjoyed church and eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Momma and Daddy. That afternoon we grilled with Mary Helen and the kiddos. We had a great time! Kathleen even sported one of my dresses that my Momma made me when I was special to me:)

The following weekend was Jessica's bridesmaids luncheon at her parents house. Mrs. Connie (in Mrs. Connie fashion) served up a wonderful lunch for all of Jessica's maids. It was great meeting her sweet friends. I don't have any pics:( That night I had Jessica a lingerie party at my house. It was lots of fun:)

On Thursday, May 26th, Kathleen and I headed to Bham with Cecilia and Crista for Jessica's wedding rehearsal. We had rehearsal and the Sonnet House and the dinner at The Club. AWESOME! Kathleen was the flower girl with Jessica's nephew who is just 1 day older that her. They were precious! Friday we got hair done and ate at Newks(I've been craving a Newk's que sandwich and it hit the spot-yummo!) Then headed to the Sonnet House. Jessica was an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL bride!! and the wedding was just gorgeous-that's an understatement. I forgot to give Mack my camera so I have no pics of the ceremony:( but trust me, it was perfect. they looked so happy and I wish them the best of luck!(I'd like to give myself kudos for not falling walking down the aisle in heels-your balance is all crazy anyways when you're 8 months pregnant. throw some heels in there and whoa! :)

the beautiful bride!!

On Saturday, we took a trip to the Bham zoo with Molly, Trey and Caroline. It was hot but we had the best time!

Sunday was my family shower at my Aunt Carol's. (yes, I'm sporting the red dress again!) It was so wonderful and Bennett got sooo many nice things. I was so excited and went home that night and put everything up in his nursery with Rita! I will have to post pics later:)

me, Momma and Carol-they did a great job on the pretty table:)

Ed and Rita were in for a few days and while Ed and Mack went canoeing on MOnday, the girls did a little shopping-always fun:) So, then the month ended on Tuesday with our 3 year anniversary! We had a yummy yummy dinner at Ricatoni's. I got Mack a pair of leather shoes( I have gotten him the traditional gifts each year we have been married-I'm so corny) and he got me the 'B' waxing poetic charm and the cross....something I've been wanting so bad ! It was perfect! It has been a fun and eventful 3 years and I couldn't be happier!!! :) I love you mack:)