Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It has already been 2 months since I posted last and it just seems like yesterday! What has happened since then?!?......WAY TOO MUCH! My little girl is getting so big and it is CRAZY how time is flying!
6 Months
In January, Kathleen hit the 6th month mark. At that point, she was sitting up on her own and was getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. This turned into sprawling on the floor and maneuvering to where she wanted to go. 2 or 3 weeks later, she was crawling! what the heck! This girl was ready to move! But, I was not ready for her to...I thought I had a little more time to sit her on her playmat and walk out of the room for a minute. Not anymore! Along with crawling, she started pulling up at about the same time. It just amazes me how fast she changed. At her 6 month checkup, she was a doll. She handled her shots soooooo much better....only a slight meltdown. Her were her stats:
Height-26 and 1/4 in
Weight-16lb 8oz
Head circ-16.5
She looked great!

I started feeding her more baby food-I haven't really found any she doesn't like-even peas!. We tried out the sippy cup. she did well the 1st time with it, but every time after that has been a struggle. I'm ok with that-I love still holding her and giving her the bottle( although she is pretty much holding it on her own). We also had her 6 months pics done....oh my-she was wonderful! such a good girl. The pics turned out excited about them!
7 Months
On Kathleen's 7th month birthday, I was off work. Kathleen and I spent the day together-my most favorite thing to do on my days off! I am also including some pics from the snow day we had the week before-we also got to enjoy that gorgeous day together:) we enjoyed a visit to Adairsville to see Mawmaw and Granddad. Kathleen is starting to let go with one hand after she pulls up on things. She has let go with both but plopped right down on her bottom. She LOVES her Jeep walker-may need to get insurance on her in this thing...she is a wild woman in it! Another thing she loves...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This is really the only cartoon that keeps her attention at this point. She just stares very seriously at it and then cracks up when the'Hot Dog' song comes on.
-watching very seriously-
She even has her own little dance. She has started to patty-cake and does that alot while she's watching the show-so cute:) and the toy of the year goes to...........................


Sometimes I wonder why we even bought her toys:)
-playing with her cousins-
She has started saying 'da,da,da,da' and 'babababa' which is absolutely precious(but I was really hoping she would say mamamama first:) )

A couple of my friends and I threw a diaper shower for 2 of our friends who are just about ready to have their babies! Since Molly wasn't telling what they were having yet while we were planning it, we decided to throw an 'Alabama/houndstooth/tailgating' theme turned out so incredibly cute! They are both Alabama grads so it was quite fitting:)Thanks to Cecilia's creativity, everything was really darling:) I was even creative enough to make a couple of diaper cakes-I was kinda proud! We had chicken fingers and a couple of dips along with canned cokes from a tub-tailgate style:) And,of course, it wouldn't be a shower without Cecilia's awesome cakes! And they got lots of diapers!

We all had a great time-congrats, Molly and Alanna!! Can't wait for those little girls to be here!

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  1. oh my goodness... She is so stinkin cute! I LOVE that gummy smile! I just wish I could eat her up!! Love that! I also love that party outfit, you made it didn't you??? It's way too cute!! Love and miss you tons!!!