Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sooo, in the last forever since I've posted. My little baby is now a toddler-turned 1 in July and we are expecting a baby boy -Bennett Rex-July 3rd. We've also moved into the house we built. lots of excitement:)Kathleen is running around and into EVERYTHING! she makes me laugh everyday. she is such a sweet girl and such a stinker too!

ok, so, i can't get the pics to move around for whatever above are a few starting with her 1st birthday at the bottom up to at 23 weeks! the reason for the name of this post..hah! Bennett is growing and he is so precious. Here is a pic of his profile:ok, nevermind...he's at the top...maybe I can fix that later!
I can't to have a little boy! and I think kathleen will be a great big sister! er,i hope so! she's pretty used to having ALL the attention so we will see. but she is so sweet with little babies right now. i'll check back soon...

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  1. Love love love your pictures! Kathleen is adorable and so tall! She's beautiful! You are NOT big at all!! Seriously, you look great. I absolutely love the pic of Kathleen grabbing for the cupcake and Mack smiling so big! I LOVE that picture! Definitely a framer. :) Love and miss you!