Friday, June 10, 2011


34 weeks

Well, I made my doctor's visit yesterday-along with miss priss who decided to make her presence known with a VERY stinky diaper while we were there :/. He said I was making some progress and stated 'you'll probably make it 2 more weeks...' umm, excuse me? So, i say-'So, I won't be making it til July 3rd?' to which he replies-'i can't say for sure, but you're moving right along.'. Oh my. I've been feeling like maybe he would be early but I was giving myself another 3 weeks...and who knows? He may not come til the 3rd, BUT, when the doc is saying 2 weeks, that's a good indication. so, now it's time to get down to business-for real. At least his nursery is ready-mostly. Gotta get car seat in...I got some of my pjs together last night. I think I was nesting a little...stayed up til 11:30 folding clothes. Tagged some consignment items for the Dittos for Kiddos fall sale( trying to get it done before Bennett gets here. Hoping to pull in a little extra cash for my maternity leave. I am now 36 weeks and don't have a 35 week pic...but above is my humungous belly from 34 weeks.

I can't wait to meet my little baby boy!

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