Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bennett's Nursery and others...

Here are a few snapshots of Bennett's nursery! Don't have everything hung up yet but getting there....Rita gave me several Radio Flyer miniatures I'm planning on putting on a shelf. Also, gonna throw some of Mack's babseball things in there. He has the coolest collection of several of the balls he pitched with in high school, all with little scribbles on them about who they were playing and who he happened to strike out that game:) I love it...He's gonna build a little dispaly shelf to put them on which I think will look really cool. Just have to note my thriftiness...I fell in love with the wall murals that matched this bedding with the retro tricycle, scooter and wagon. I found a Radio Flyer tricycle that I wanted to get eventually that I thought would look so neat in there. Soooo, i was at my friend Alisha's house-going through her maternity clothes and little girl clothes before they had their moving sale. When I spotted a Retro Radio Flyer tricyle in the corner, my eyes lit up! I thought-it couldn't hurt to ask and so I did...'are you selling that tricyle?' to which she replied 'I'd sell my vehicle if someone offered me enough for it'..lol, love her. So I asked how much she wanted for it(I don't think Jamie wanted to get rid of it for the girls' sake) but they both said $15 and I said wootwoot! SCORE!

And here is my hospital gown I made! So excited not to be wearing little blue pyramids this time! Maybe not what I should be worried about, but seriously? could hospital gowns be any more hideous?! pattern found here:http://www.lazygirldesigns.com/hospitalgown.php

And this is me at 36 weeks. I go back to the doctor Wednesday and am anxious to hear what he has to say. I'm getting so ready to meet Bennett and at the same time, a little nervous to have 2:)


  1. Okay, is that seriously your belly? It is so tiny. Mine looks like a big basketball:) I love Bennet's nursery. I know you are getting so excited!!

  2. tiny?! oh my-haha! I'm just big all over feels like! you are so pretty pregnant! Thanks for the comment on his nursery! can't wait to see Clayton's and to see HER!:)