Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Few Random Things...

Not really much to write about right now, but we did have a great weekend. Friday night we did nothing, which was nice. Saturday morning, Mack got up and took Sadie with him fishing at Coon Creek. Then, I met him at his Pawpaw's in Dadeville for lunch and they went fishing some more on Lake Martin. They caught 25 fish! I headed over to Auburn and just did some looking around. I ended up at Hobby Lobby and buying some material for my next projects :) Saturday night I spent working on an outfit for my little girl! Whose name we've decided will be Kathleen Mae! Here are some pics:

This last one is one I've been working on for my niece, Mamie. It's not close to being done, but I just love this material!

Sunday, we went to church and rode over to Prattville for a little while. Mack and I have been going to this Disciple class at church that starts at 4 on Sunday afternoon. I spent some time Sunday afternoon finishing my reading and sitting in the sun with Sadie. She was loving sun-bathing :) Here's a pic of the Sadie-Lady. She and I were chilling on the porch one Saturday morning and Mack snapped this picture. I look awful, but isn't Sadie a cutie?! I just love her :)

So Sunday night, Glenn asked us to do a special assignment for the Disciple class by visiting a shut-in, someone in prison, someone in a nursing home, a cancer patient, etc. So, Mack and I wanted to do it last night because it was really the only night we had to go together. So we called the nursing home in Wetumpka and asked if there was anyone there that would like some visitors. The lady called back and said there was an 86 year old lady who was only visited by her son, so she didn't have to many visitors most of the time. So, during lunch, I went and picked her up some hand lotion, Kleenex, chap stick and a few other things. I was nervous all day about going. I'm not real good with nursing homes and the only times I've went were to see loved ones and I really wasn't sure what to expect. So, we got there and waited for Ms. Dorothy Poague to get back to her room from dinner. Well, she was awesome! I think she made our day more than we made hers. She was just the cutest little lady and so funny. We really had a good time with her. I think we'll go back and see her again. Mack told her he was going to teach her how to play Spoons :)

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  1. I"m so glad that yall enjoyed your nursing home visit!! Okay.. So I'm absolutely dying over the outfit you made for Kathleen!!! it is so Stinkin cute!!! Do the patterns come in sizes like 3-6months...etc, or how to you know how big to make them? I am so impressed by your skills! You go girl! can't wait to see more products from the Amy line!! ;)