Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Halfway There!

So today marks the beginning of my 20th week. I can't believe I'm already halfway through the pregnancy! So far, so good and I can't wait to see Kathleen's sweet little face! We have a crib and some furniture picked out - haven't ordered yet. But, my sister picked up the bedding in Raleigh and I'm so excited about it!!! Here are some pics:

I'm still trying to decide if those weird little feelings I've felt lately are her moving around. I'm just not 100% sure yet. It still amazes me every day that she's in there and will be here this summer. I just can't wait! We're waiting about getting started on a nursery or anything because HOPEFULLY, we'll be in North Alabama by the time she's here. We may be scrambling at the last minute to pull a nursery together, but I will SOOOO happy to be up there!
So, what a weekend of crazy weather! My parents got here last Thursday afternoon. We enjoyed a steak that night. I went to work on Friday and they headed over to Montgomery for a bull sale. Daddy called me at about lunch time and said they were in Walmart in Millbrook and were under a tornado warning! I had planned on leaving work at 2 that day but I would have been heading right into storms between here and Tallassee. So, finally all that passed and I went home and started supper. We had some brocolli cheese soup and a baked potato. yum! Oh yes, and Lent began last Wednesday, so no meat on Fridays! I have given up caffeine...again. I did so well at the beginning of my pregnancy and didn't have it. But, just one slip-up and i've got to have it every day! So, that is my sacrifice. I hope everyone enjoys this Lenten season leading up to Easter. So, Saturday morning we wake up to tornado warning sirens. Great! The 1st warning didn't cover Elmore county, but the 2nd warning was directed right at Tallassee. We got some bad storms but thankfully no damage or anything. I heard that it touched down in Tallassee but still am not sure where. This was the same one that caused damage in Opelika. Thankfully, again, no one was hurt. After all the bad weather had passed, we loaded up and headed to Sikes and Kohn. My parents had wanted to go over there because they have everything 20% during the month of February. We found a few things and then we headed back to Tallassee. Saturday night, my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bill, my cousin Bill and his 2 boys came over and we grilled hamburgers. We just sat around and talked and had a great time. Sunday morning, we woke up to SNOW!! Oh my, it was gorgeous! I just had to get out in it. Sadie and I spent most of our day playing. She loved it! Mack was gone to Birmingham, so that stank that he wasn't there - for me to throw snowballs at! I swear I made about 500 of them. I threw some at Sadie (not hard of course), threw some at trees, and saved about 30 for Mack for when he arrived home. My parents wanted to stay inside where it was warm, so they wouldn't play with me. I did make them come out side so I could take a pic of them. I think my Daddy was cussing me the whole time :)

These are all my snowballs lined up, waiting for Mack :)

It was just too fun! So, I left and went to our Bible study class at 4. All the while thinking of how I was going to get Mack outside to bombard him with my snowballs - probably not what I should have been thinking about at Bible study, but anyways. So when I got home, I knocked on our side door and ran back to get some snowballs - which were pretty much melted at this point. I hid and Mack just stuck his head out - boo. so he went to the back door and I went to the other corner and hid. I stuck my head around and asked if he was gonna come out. He had to go put clothes on but he came outside and we threw some snowballs at each other. Well, he said I was throwing slush at him, but anywho :) So fun! My parents left Monday morning :( and I went to work.

This is Sadie mutilating my poor miniature snowman!

So this weekend I get to go home and see my new nephew, Will! Stacy and Matt are bringing him home to be Baptized and I'm so excited. I'm so ready to go :)


  1. You're too cute! I love the pic of all the snowballs lined up on the deck.. precious! I'm glad to got to hit Mack with a few! I know you are so excited to go home! I'm so happy for you and yeah, I LOVE your bedding. So stinkin cute! Where did she find it?? I lOVE it!!

  2. How's the house selling going? The snow is beautiful (and so are you!)