Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome Kathleen and her 1st week!

Miss Kathleen Mae Moncus made her debut July 15th at 11 pm, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and was20.5 inches long. She was well worth the wait! Mack and I had drove to Helen Keller Hospital and gotten there at midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We had a great trip over. I was a little nervous but not really as bad as I thought I would be. Mack was making me laugh...he said the only thing he didn't like about the whole induction ordeal was that he really wanted to ride through town with flashers on going like 90 mph :) I told him I kinda wantedto myself.hah. So we got there and the nurse began my fluids, checked to see how far along I was and gave me a pill to start me thinning out. I was pretty surprised to find out I was still at the stage I was the week before at my appointment. So, I actually slept pretty well and woke up to the nurse starting my petocin (sp?) at 6:30 to get my contractions going. At 9:30, the doctor came in to break my water. I began to feel some regular contractions at about 11:30 and got my epidural at about 12:30. When the nurse checked me at 2:30, I was still at 2 cm!!! OMG, I thought, 'yep, I'm gonna be here all night'. I was not mentally prepared for a long labor. I thought since I was already dialated a little bit, it wouldn't be too bad. It was quite frustrating! Thankfully, we had lots of people in and out to visit, so that helped pass the time. I believe at about 4:30, I was at 4, 6:00 I was at6 cm.. and whenthe doctor came in at 8:30, I was an 8! hallelujah!We were getting there. At 10:30, I began pushing. I only pushed about 4-5 times and miss Kathleen arrived at 11 on the dot!! I was beginning to think her birthday was going to be the 16th and not the 15TH! It was an amazing experience and really it didn't seem like I laid there as long as I did. She was absolutely beautiful! I start to cry just thinking about how awesome it was to bring such an angel into this world!! She's truly a gift and we are so thankful for her.

Her 1st car ride home!

The day gown and bonnet my Momma made to bring her home in - so precious!

Her 1st bath!

Her 1st day, she met lots of special people. We had alot of visitors and I loved everyone getting to meet her. She did great and we kept her in the room all day and put her in the nursery at night to get a little rest. So, Friday was a good day, til they came in and told us she was a little jaundice and they needed to take her and keep her under the lamp and I would come feed her every 2 hours. They said frequnetly feeding them would help flush the bilirubin out. We were supposed to go home Saturday and were very hopeful her level would have dropped enough to go home. So, I got up Saturday morning all giddy and got ready only to find out her level had actually gone up from 11 to 11.5 and we would have to stat til Sunday. I was completely bummed and so ready to get our little girl home. But, knew that this was better for her so no worries. So Sunday morning it had gone down to 8.7...yay!!! We were going home!! So we were discharged and gathered all our stuff up, had her pic made (which you can check out at, go to keller babies...our password is 2442003756 and 1st 4 letters of moncus..monc) and made that nerve-wrecking 1st ride home! She did great once we started riding. We got home and later my parents brought a ham over and Ed and Rita came over to eat. It was fun. Mary Helen and the kids visited that night too. She did pretty good the 1st night here, getting up about every 2-3 hours. . Mack stayed home til Wednesday and has already shown what a wonderful Daddy he is! I knew he'd be great but he's really blown me away! We had a great time all being together. Also, Tuesday, we went for our follow-up with the pediatrician...everthing was fine! She had gained an ounce since discharge which was right on track. My Momma came over Wednesday about lunch and let me get a shower.....that on itself is such a great help! She's been really awesome and helpful!Thursday was the roughest day yet. I felt like Kathleen was feeding CONSTANTLY...never getting satisfied. I was totally frustrated. I called the lactation nurse and she said she might have abelly ache and to try some mylicon drops. I think they've helped. Yesterday (friday) was much better. She has been sleeping pretty well at night. Last night and today have been the best yet. I think we're finally figuring each other out :) Mack's Aunt Donna and Uncle Larry and Bridgette came to visit this morning and then his Grandmother - who would be Kathleen's great-mother, and his 2 aunts came this afternoonn. It was a wonderful day and Kathleen was such a sweet girl!! ( I will post some pics of the visit soon...)

Soooo, being a Mommy is probably the most fun thing I have EVER done! Despite some of the frustrations of just figuring out what Kathleen needs and somewhat getting into a schedule (do you ever get to that point?!?), it's been so awesome! and I can't tell you how awesome Mack is...REALLY! She has made us both so happy and she is loved more than she knows right now!!! Keep checking for updates!


  1. She's an absolute doll Amy!! Love her so much alreadY!! Love the first milestones! I'm glad your starting to figure eachother out, its so hard at first!! Yall are going to be great parents and Kathleen is so blessed to have you both!! Love and miss you! Hope Target was fun!

  2. sweet baby girl!! so happy for you!