Friday, June 26, 2009

An Update...

Only 4 weeks away!! I can't hardly believe it! I am so excited about meeting our little girl. And a little nervous too :) Just wanted to post a few pics and give a little update. Here is a 35 week belly pic...

We have been going to childbirth classes which has been good. I enjoyed last week because Mack got to rub on my shoulders for a while...I personally thought this should just be an everyday thing :) Then we toured the facilities at the hospital and got familiar with where to go. That was the best class so far. Last night was about handling the baby. I don't know if it's making me more nervous knowing what to expect or if it's going to help me when the time comes. I imagine things will just go as they need to, prepared or not. I feel pretty prepared I guess. At my doctor's visit Tuesday, I was dialated 1 cm. I know I can be that way for a while, but it just made me so nervous for some reason!! But, we do have the nursery somewhat done...there is a crib for her to sleep in anyways! Mary and I put the bedding on it Thursday. There are still some things to hang and some here and there things to arrange, but for the most part, it is ready for Kathleen! Here are a few pics so far....For some reason they didn't turn out very clear, but I will post some more when everything is finished.

I have been washing baby clothes, blankets, socks, bibs, etc. in my 'spare' time. ( which is not very much, btw). I have loved going through all the cute things she has. Mercy at all her clothes!! They're all so precious and given to her by some pretty special people that I can't wait for her to meet :)

The house is pretty much put up. Our computer/sewing room is still a mess and there's plenty of things that need to be hung and decorating to do, but all in all, it feels quite homey. The doggies love their big back yard. They can run and play all day and don't even try to get out when we open the gate. We love it too. What's that song 'Love grows best in little places' or something like that...anyways, that about sums it up and I think it's very true :)

Also, Ed threw Rita a surprise 50th birthday party on June 13th at their house in Adairsville. It was a blast! And she was so surprised!! Her friend Kathy and I took her to this huge antique thing in Atlanta. It worked out perfect...we got back to Kathy's after a few stalls on the way back. Everyone was supposed to be at their house at 5:30 and that's what time we left Kathy's. We got stopped by the train which helped a little too. I was so nervous the whole day. I worried that my big mouth would say something and I didn't want to get her home early and didn't know if she would be willing to stay gone that long. But it was great and she was sooo funny when we pulled up. She kept saying 'why are all these people at my house?' and she wouldn't even get out of the car for the longest! hilarious. The party was actually early for her birthday since I would be just about to pop closer to her actual birthday, Ed went ahead and had one. It was too much fun!

We also had a great time on Father's day. We just went to church with Momma and Daddy, ate breakfast at Bojangles and then Mack and I headed home for BLT's we enjoyed the afternoon together (while he was putting together baby furniture - happy father's day to him!) And then that afternoon we headed to Momma and Daddy's for steaks. Delish! AND homemade ice cream which turned out so good and what I have been wanting since I came across our ice cream machine when we moved. yummy! It was a great Father's Day and I love my Daddy and I know Mack will be a great Daddy too!

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  1. Love the nursery! I can't wait to get the text that Kathleen arrived and also can't wait to meet her!