Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A couple of fun weekends...

We have had a couple of very busy and very fun weekends...last weekend we enjoyed company on Saturday from Amber,her husband Kevin, Lesley and Jay - all our friends from Georgia. We had a blast. Amber and Kevin brought their
little girl Payton and she and Kathleen were instant friends :) They had a little slumber party at the end of the night - too cute!

We enjoyed some burgers and had a great time catching up. The next morning, Mack, Kathleen and I went to church- well, I was the only one who made it IN to church. Kathleen just wasn't having it that morning. We then had lunch with the company before they headed out. We ate at Ricatoni's(one of my faves-Italian in downtown Florence) - yummy!! We then took a Sunday afternoon drive to look at some land I had found that's for sale - it's a no go, but I sure do love Sunday drives :) Sunday afternoon, my family came over to our house for dinner. This is the first time I've had everyone over - I'm just now feeling organized enough to cook for more than 2 people :) We had grilled pork chops and chicken, grilled veggie skewers, and macaroni casserole. We had so much fun! I love Sundays:)

Kathleen and I spent last week hanging out and having fun together! I had my 6 week check-up - everything was fine. Momma came with me and watched Kathleen and the nurses came and got her so Dr. Keith could see her. They all had a fit over her :) They said she looks like me and I can't really argue. But, I see Mack in her all the time-mostly when she's fussing...j/k :)
Friday we headed to Adairsville. We left early and surprised Ed and Rita. Saturday the girls went shopping and Ed and Mack went to pick up his new wood splitter-his new toy that will hopefully make us some money. That afternoon, a couple of Mack's friends came over for dinner. Ed and Rita cooked for everyone and we had a great time. Rita got up with Kathleen both nights and we slept...sort of, I still got up at 5 Friday just to hear her breathe - I just couldn't go back to sleep til I did. It was nice though. I almost felt bad for not getting up with her, but I know Rita loved every second of it. We had a great time. Sunday we all went to church. Then back for lunch. Mack and Ed loaded up the wood splitter while we just hung around and I got our stuff loaded up and ready to go. I always hate to leave:( We had a good trip home. Kathleen is a pretty good traveler. As long as she's fed she's happy...kinda like me :)

Yesterday I just HAD to put these little shoes on her..so cute!

Kathleen is getting such a cute little personality to her. this morning I woke up and she was just so happy. I caught her a couple of times with that little almost smile she has... adorable! She must know we're going shopping today...:)

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  1. Yay!! I LOVED all the pics! She's adorable!! I do think she looks like you! Tyler looked like David when he was born and now looks more like me, so who knows what Kathleen will do. Love you girl!