Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 months old!

Once again, I can't believe it! Kathleen is growing so fast! I just can't believe how time is flying. I wish October 5th was still another 3 months away...of course that's when I have to go back to work..yuck! But, I am very blessed to have a wonderful job and to have spent as much time with Kathleen as I have. BUT, it's just never enough I don't think!

September 3rd was my Daddy (orPeepaw's) birthday. We went to one of his favorite steakhouses, Stanfield's to eat. It was so yummy and we had a great time. Friday, I ended up taking Kathleen to the doctor because she added a cough to her congestion. We went to Wadley Friday for Mack's Grandmother's birthday party which was so much fun! Labor Day, Kathleen and I went for a walk and then went over to the Labor day picnic at church. We played bingo for a while-of course we didn't win anything :) And then we went home and grilled some burgers.

On Monday the 14th I began a smocking class with 2 of my great friends in Florence. And no, I don't feel like an old lady doing that! I love it! We had our 2nd class last night. I've already learned so much amd can't wait to make Kathleen a dress! :) I've also been trying to finish up a few things I'm making for her before I have to go back to work.

Some of Kathleen's favorite things are:
-story time. she loves her Bible story book and that smile she flashes me melts my heart everytime :)
-bath time. it immediately calms her down. she just sits there and lets us do whatever and loves the warm water!

-her changing table pad. weird, but I swear it's her favorite place. I can lay her on it and strap her in...she just kicks and kicks for 20-30 minutes and loves it!Who knew?!

-her swing.this was an acquired taste:) I can put her in it now for longer than 5 minutes and her not be crying for someone to come get her. She just chills out and she and I watch tv together for a little while or she'll take her nap in it.

-and, of course, her Mommy and Daddy! Or we like to hope so anyways! We love her so much that it's just about indescribable! She seems to like us pretty good...haha! She LOVES us! I just know it! Mack (I'll say it again) is so awesome with her. He's not afraid to do ANYTHING! It's so awesome to be blessed with such a wonderful husband and father :)

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  1. She's looking so big!! ;) I'll being thinking and praying for you Oct 5th! YOu're going to do great though and she's in a great place, so it will be good for both of you, but I KNOW it will be hard! You are so talented! Love the outfits you are working on!! And the new blog.. Love it!