Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Months and Other Happenings....

Well, it seems like yesterday I was writing on here saying Kathleen was 2 months...where in the world is time going?!? I started to work on the 5th...probably the hardest thing to do was just walk out the sad. I wasn't AS BAD as I thought I would be. Mack was gone so I spent most of the time at my Momma and Daddy's. So, reality really set in the next week because my Mom had gotten up with her and all. Momma is going to be keeping her 2 days and her new babysitter Melissa started last week. She is wonderful! I think Kathleen loves being with her. So, that has made the transition back to work much easier.

I had her 3 months pictures made on the 12th. I was off for Columbus Day(thank you Mr. Columbus). We had a great time together and she did so well!! I think she kinda likes getting all dressed up where as before, she was not all about changing clothes a million times. That Wednesday, Mack and I went to talk to a home builder. We have found some plans for a house we like. Now to find out if we can afford it! :) We also wanted to know how much we could put into land in order to build this house. It was very exciting just to even be talking about it! We really want to take advantage of the low rates right now so we can more easily afford a house and some land. We are constantly looking for land but it's been hard to come by. So we will see...

Thennn, it all went down hill from there. That Wednesday night, my throat started getting scratchy. I thought, great, just what I need. Mack was leaving the following week for work out of town. My momma and Daddy were leaving the next day to go up to my sisters and my little sister was leaving that weekend to head up there. I knew I couldn't be sick with everyone gone and be taking care of Kathleen. So, the next day I made a doctor's appointment for Friday. I felt worse as the day went on. Mack sent me to bed at 8:00 and through the night, I began to feel TERRIBLE! Friday morning came and I drug myself to the doctor. I felt like nothing short of death. They swabbed me for the flu-which by the way, Im pretty sure she grabbed some brain cells when she shoved that swab up my nose-geez. It was negative-thank goodness! Turned out to be a bad sinus/chest/ear infection. Got 2 shots and 2 scripts. I already felt better at the end of the day. Not 100%, but better. So, I was ready to take on my little girl alone and not feel like I was endangering her. I am just now feeling like my head is somewhat clear. fun stuff:P

That Saturday Mack had left to go to Auburn. He went to the game and sat in the cold/mist only to watch us get beat by Kentucky. seriously?!? Kathleen and I kept warm and stayed in all afternoon. I began working on my 1st shot at a pillowcase dress. I wanted to make one out of this adorable Halloween material I had found. I just finished it up last night. I think it turned out pretty cute and was really easy to make. Here is the link to the free pattern I used:

I put her in the Bumbo seat for the 1st time that day. She loves trying to sit up. she did really well in it. and even watched some college football:) After about 10 minutes, she was crouching down in it and getting tired. We finished watching the Bama game together. I fed her and put her to bed. Sunday, we stayed in again. We slept in and just played all day. She napped alittle and I did too. I tried to rest as much as possible before I had to go back to work. I was not looking forward to the next morning, not knowing how things would work out without Daddy there. But we did fine! Sunday and Monday night she did as normal...bed at about9, up at 3:30 with bottle and then again at 6. I got up at 5:30 and got ready and then fed her at 6. The babysitter gets there about 6:30 so everything went really smoothly. THEN, Tuesday night, Miss Priss decides midnight is a great time to get up and want a bottle. Then up again at 4. So, then I just let her sleep. She did that again last night so I guess that's what we'll do until she decides something different again. She's definitely the boss :)

So, Mack is getting to come home today....yay! My friend jennifer is keeping her this afternoon while I go to my high school's volleyball game. I'm so excited about going. It is the substate game so good luck, Lady Bears!!! I'm definitely lookin forward to this weekend. It's been a loooongggg weeK! I am going to the construction class for the dress that i've smocked. I can't wait. Hopefully it will turn out great. Mack is watching Kathleen. He has missed her so much and I'm pretty sure he's looking forward to it :)

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  1. Precious pictures and you look great little mama! So glad you're doing good and works going good. Love and miss yoU!!