Friday, April 15, 2011


Just a note of excitement-Kathleen slept in her big girl bed ALL NIGHT! we have had issues with this since being in the new house. It has been an every night thing with her waking up usually around 1 or 2 and come crying to our bedroom. And, of course, we are so out of it that-where do you think she ends up? yep, in our bed for the rest of the night. But, she has been sleeping later the past few days and she finally made it all night! yay!

ok, so, I let this post sit in here long enough for Kathleen to start getting out of bed again!:/ hehe. oh well...the praise was fun while it lasted! we had a bad weekend from I hope to be teething. the child only has 4 teeth and most her age are working on a mouthful. We went to the doc the other day for a follow up to some ear infections. her ears were perfect but she had been tugging at them and running a mild fever. the doc said it was probably teeth and she had a lot to do before she turned 2. i'm afraid they are all working on coming in at once. oh yay!

let's see....what has been happening...

On April 9th, Mack's cousin, Ben, got married in Pell City. It was one of the sweetest and most beautiful weddings I have ever been too! A few of their pics are in the photographers blog. so good! We had a great time!

Last week, our friend's litte girl, Grace, had her birthday party at ChuckE Cheese. i haven't been in years and was possible more excited about it than Grace was:) Kathleen had a great time and won some gorgeous plastic jewelry with all her tickets. Again, see pics at the top. I wish I knew why I can't drag my pics anymore...

Last weekend, Mack and Brent went fishing all day Saturday and then went camping. Kathleen and I joined them after going to John David's soccer game(He did great!) We fished for a few and then grilled some burgers and hot dogs. Mack had originally wanted me and Kathleen to join him in camping. I told him I could not sleep comfortably in my own bed, much less a tent and there was no way I was staying out there. He then wanted Kathleen to stay.. I knew Saturday morning that wasn't going to happen....It was so stinkin cold that day! and I mean COLD! So we headed back home. we had a great time and kathleen caught a couple of fish with her new Barbie fishing pole her Daddy got her:) once again, see pics above:)

I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I have been feeling so crafty and Martha Stewart like the last few weeks. of course, I mostly have only gotten as far as thinking of stuff to do-not actually doing it. BUT, I am almost finished smocking Kathleen's flower girl for Jessica's wedding. it's very simple but I like that the most. and she told me just to do something I would use, I went with my trusty flutter sleeve dress, with smocked diamonds. Yes, the same one I've used on almost all the things I have smocked. But, i love it and it's so much easier after you've done it a few times. It's solid pale pink fabric with white smocking. should look awfully pretty on my little blondie:) But, I'm AWFULLY worried about how dirty it will get that day! i will probably be pulling it on and off of her a million times! and then last night...I had seen this on a blog that I had come across on Kiera's blog....wanted to try them SO bad! so at 8:30 last night I started. they actually turned out really good! I was impressed with myself:) i was hoping my icing would be a little more firm, but maybe next time...

So, in preparation for Bennett I have done....NOTHING! Yep, nothing. i do have my bedding, but I'm not quite ready to put it out yet. I think maybe I will be sad to take kathleen's down-probably part of the problem. i need to get the car seat ready at some point. i feel ready anyways, but need to get some things done around the house before I am chasing 2:) absolutely CAN'T WAIT!

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  1. I copied that recipe down too! Looked so yummy! Love the pictures and are so impressed with your smocking. You crafty lady! I can't believe Bennett is almost here! Oh my goodness! So excited. Love on your fam for me. Lets talk soon! Love yoU!