Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it just Wednesday??

I try to make the most of my weeks, but man I can't wait for the weekends! Although this one may not be as much fun since Mack won't be here again - thank goodness this is his last weekend in that class! I'll be staying in Tallassee and probably not doing much of anything which will be nice I guess.

So this past weekend I went home with Sadie in tote. She gets car sick and I couldn't handle that without Mack so I asked the vet what i could give her. Dramamine! Worked like a charm! She was so funny and actually acted like she was enjoying the ride up there. She wanted to sit in my lap though which is not usually the case when we're travelling. She' s really too big to be a lap dog, but I got us home safely :) She finally fell asleep and was so happy when we got there! I came into a house full of babies-which I loved. Stacy and Matt had decided to come on in with Will and John David and Mamie were staying with Momma and Daddy anyways. It was so fun. Will has gotten sooo much bigger. He is an absolute doll! I would like to say that he looks like his Aunt Amy, but there's no denying he is an Eckl. He looks just like his Daddy and the cousins on that side of the family to me. So cute! John David and I played with Sadie for a while. The babies went to sleep and John David and I fell asleep on the recliner (which his Nana was quite jealous of BTW-he wanted to lay with me and not her.hehe) Here are some pics from Friday night...

Saturday, I got my hair cut and did some running around. MH and David and the kids came over for supper that Matt and Stacy fixed. It was really good!! We had a good time with all the kids again. We got all 3 of them on the bed for pictures which I loved. Then Sunday morning, Stacy and I headed to church. After church was Will's baptism which was wonderful. Except it was about 100 degrees in there and he was NOT happy in his 'gown'. It was a beautiful gown though that my Mom had made. But, he was much happier when it was over and he wasn't so hot. Then we all went to Mary Helen's house for a spaghetti lunch. It was so yummy and we had a great time. It was a wonderful weekend but I had to go load Sadie up and head back to Tallassee. She did very good on the way back and pretty much slept the whole time. She was so excited to see her daddy when we got back!

I have started to feel Kathleen - so exciting! Here are a couple of belly pics...I think I'm getting bigger every day...
17 weeks 18 weeks 20 weeks

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  1. Loved the pictures of "your babies". They are all so cute!!! And of little Kathleen! Can't wait to meet her!! Is that green the outside of MH house?? I LOVE it! I'm thinking it might just be the sun porch, but not sure. I loved that and her kitchen!! Glad you had a great weekend. Sorry Mack will not be there this weekend, but relax and get some sewing done. ;)