Tuesday, March 24, 2009

These Crazy Times

Just wanted to write and give a little update on what's going on with our upcoming move. I am supposed to start work May 11th in the Moulton office. I may be working out of the Decatur office for a while also. Either way, it's in North Alabama and I am HAPPY! We are both soooo ready to be up there. So, we are trying to find a place to rent for about a year and then maybe-hopefully build. We're hoping to find a house and a little bit of yard for Sadie. We could possibly be there for longer than a year so I'd like to have somewhere nice and don't know if I could go back to an apartment-it'd be tough. Anyways, this past weekend Mack and I went back home for Matt and Suzanne's wedding on Saturday-which was gorgeous! Friday night, I had dinner with 2 of my best friends and their precious little girls at Prestons. It was so fun! The wedding was in Russellville Saturday afternoon. I spent a little time with Mary and the kids Saturday morning but it was kind of a rushed day. Saturday night we had steaks with Momma and Daddy and MH and fam. They were delicious! Mack wanted John David to bring his baseball glove so he would have someone to play with :) They were so funny and John David did a really good job at batting. He was making a karate noise when he swung-so funny! He loved it and didn't want to quit.

Sunday morning, we went to church and then ate at Cracker Barrel-yummy. When we got home, I suggested we go fishing in Momma and Daddy's pond, which I haven't done in forever. It was a few years ago the last time i tried and didn't catch a thing. So, mack dug up some worms and we went fishing! I caught 2 brim and 1 bass! I was so surprised. Mack caught 1 brim. He was so mad I caught more than him. haha. he kept stealing my spot :) It was really so much fun and Sadie loved it too! There are 2 geese that stay down there and she went swimming after them. She was jumping up and trying to grab the fish we caught. And she just ran herself tired.

We had to leave by 1 to meet a realtor at 2 in Decatur. It didn't really go as planned and we didn't get much done. That's pretty much the gist of it. I did think about my friend Morgan who lives in a house on 101 in Elgin and they are about to move to the house they built. So I contacted her to see if Clay's sister was going to rent it(they own the house and it's right in front of theirs). She said they were for $450 a month. Which is a wonderful price. I told mack about it and he was pretty interested to my surprise. It just means a longer drive. But it's a very nice house and we'd have a little room in the yard. Plus, we could save some money. So, we'll see how that goes. I have to wait on my transfer package from the government to go through relocation services to have them buy our house. It's so nerve-wrecking. But I'm just praying everything will go smoothly.. I know it will all work out. Mack stayed up in Decatur and is coming back today. He had some work to do there and Sadie and I headed back to Tallassee.

So amongst all this craziness, I went for a massage yesterday afternoon. Boy, was it needed! Mack had gotten me 2-1 hour massages for Christmas. It was fabulous. Of course, I had to do a pregnancy one and had to lay on my side which was a little awkward. But, it was still a great massage. I could do that EVERY DAY:)

Today marks the beginning of my 23rd week! I am just amazed at how fast time is flying. 119 days to go:) So, I am having a yard sale in the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to make a good chunk to put towards the nursery furniture. I'll let you know how that goes...

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  1. Loved the update and your pictures. You look precious with your little belly!! And Mack is so skinny!!! How in the world is he doing it, tell him to share the secret, seriously. ;) Love you both and am praying for an easy transition!!