Monday, April 13, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

And about to get busier! My time before I start work in North Alabama is counting down and I have tons to do before it gets here. Eek! I just turned in my travel packet today and should hear something from relocation services soon. We have to find a day to go on a househunting trip, a day for them to come move our stuff, a day for them to deliver it after we find our new rental house....yep, it's going to be crazy! But, honestly, what do you expect from me?! I haven't stayed in the same place for more than a year and a half in the last 3 years! I feel like this will be a final move as far as where it is . I know we'll move houses, but at least stay in the same area for good.

My yard sale was a bummer. Didn't make near what I thought I would. Oh well. I still ordered my furniture this past weekend! I had a 10% and wanted to take advantage of it, so the pieces should be delivered this week. Of course I'm getting them delivered to my parents cause we would just have to move them again. Here are some pics:

Can't wait to have a room in a house to put them in:)
Oh yes, and we did get our beagle pup! We drove up to Albertville last weekend to get him. He's adorable! Mack and I made trip out of it and stopped in Childersburg at Desoto Caverns on the way. It was really neat. Never been in a cave before. Here's a few pics of the caves and of SAMSON!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend also! Friday night, we went to church and as soon as we walked out the door, the tornado siren went off. It was a little scary on the drive home. I put together my corn casserole and we packed to leave the next morning. We got up EARLY on Saturday and headed to Mack's Grandmother's in Wadley. We ate at his Aunt Nunny's for lunch and I ate so much that most of the afternoon I spent outside in a chair...seriously, I don't think i got up for an hour and a half. We had a great time and there were a few kids to hunt Easter eggs so that was fun.

We had a great time hanging out with Mack's cousins and other family. Saturday night, we played cards where me and his cousin, Jeni, whooped Mack and Tori :) We were great partners! I still haven't given away our awesome kemps secret. hehe. Easter morning we got up REALLY early for sunrise service at Bald Rock. It was a beautiful place for it. I will have to get some of Tori's pics. They turned out gorgeous. We came back and ate breakfast. Mack and I got ready to head to Lineville to go to church with his Uncle Larry and Aunt Donna, Ben, Bridgette, and Zach and Krystal. Then we ate lunch and I ate til I was miserable AGAIN! but it was so good! We hid Easter eggs again and just had a great time with them.

Today marks the beginning of my 26th week. I can't hardly believe it. Kathleen is very active in the morning. She's quite the gymnast! It's so exciting and I can't wait to meet her in July! Here are a couple of belly pics! Gettin bigger every day...

These are my 24 and 25 week belly pics. What a difference 1 week made!

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  1. YOu look so stinkin cute! I so wish I could see you in person!! I'm so glad you had a great Easter and can't wait to hear all about the moving and house hunting. Call me when you can. I know you're crazy busy, so just whenever you get a chance. Love the nursery furniture. It is so cute! I love you and miss you and glad you're doing great!!