Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Friday!!!

Friday's always seem to improve my mood a little bit. Such a wonderful day! And the weather is awesome! Supposed to be in the 80's. I love it! can't wait for a dress and favorite summer attire.
Just a few things...

I went home last weekend to check out a house. It was cute...still lookin though. Don't have a whole lot of time though. I had a wonderful dinner at LaHacienda (the best mexican ever!) Friday night when I got in. we had a pretty big crowd with us so it took a while to get seated...oh so worth it though! Saturday morning, Mary Helen, Mamie, John David and I went yard saling. The church youth group was having one as well as the Buffler House in St. Florian. I got quite a few baby things at the church one. At the Buffler House one, I found a youth XL Carhartt jacket, a really pretty old vase, I bought some notecards with a pencil sketch of the Buffler house (a $10 donation) and some of Mrs. Dorothy Eckl's banana nut bread. It was so delicious! I brought it home and between me, Daddy, and Mary Helen, it was gone on Sunday. And I think Mary Helen only ate 1 piece....haha. We had a blast! Saturday afternoon, I just did some running around and came back to the house to eat brats...yummy. I ended up at the gym with Jennifer and Cecilia that night. I can't keep up with those girls!! They're animals. Sunday, Daddy and I went to church and went to eat at Bojangles (of course). Obviously, I didn't eat too healthy while I was at home :) I headed on back sunday afternoon. I had told Mack I would take him to auburn to see John McCuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. he was doing a private show at the Strutting Duck. I thought Mack would enjoy it since he mostly plays the banjo AND they were giving a Deering banjo away. so, we headed over there. and might I suggest seeing him. He was wonderful! He was more of a story-teller with his music and he was so funny. We really had a great time...even though we didn't win the banjo :)

Monday started out a pretty good work week. They had me a baby shower/going away party at work that afternoon. It was so fun and I got some really nice things. Sue had taken up for a gift and the office gave us a beautiful Feltman Brothers dress and $200! I was shocked. It was toooo nice. Sue also gave Kathleen a sweet cross necklace. We also got a Target gift card and some bath stuff from a couple other ladies. We had some good cake and it was very nice.

Mack and I are both going home this weekend. He's taking the FE in Huntsville...wish him luck! I'm hoping we'll nail down a rental house this weekend too. Then Monday, I have my next Dr's appointment...which I will taking the glucose test then. ewww, not looking forward to that. Wish me luck on it!!:)

I'm 27 weeks's a belly pic...

Getting bigger every day!

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  1. You're precious! So glad they had such a great shower for you! I made Kathleen something this weekend!! I can't wait to send it to you. I have a few more things to make and then I'll send it along with the little thing I bought say 5 months ago!!! Let me know where I should send it!! Love you and hope you found a house! Yay for Mack, I'll be praying! ;)