Friday, April 3, 2009

Yay for sunshine!

Rain is a blessing, but I am so glad the sun is shining today!! And it's Friday, which is always wonderful :) Too bad I feel yucky-popo (John David's word). My head is so congested and I sure wish it wasn't. Hopefully it will pass real soon.

This past weekend I went home for my Aunt Cleo's 87th birthday party. It was so fun and everyone, including her had a great time. She got alot of flowers and gardening things since she still really enjoys doing that. We had an awesome meal. The meat, drinks, and cake was provided and everyone brought a pot luck dish. Everything was delicious - and I'm pretty sure I tried EVERYTHING so I would know :) Mack had a weekend in Georgia planned to fish with his Dad. The fishing got rained out but he had a great time with his folks. Another fun thing about this weekend was that Mary Helen and the kids stayed at Momma and Daddy's the whole time. David was gone so she loaded up and stayed up there with us. It's always fun for everyone to be there. Oh yeah, and Friday night was fun too cause I got to eat again with some great friends of mine. We went to a new restaurant in rogersville and it was yummy! we got to talking about our prom video and made an attempt to watch it when we got back to Jennifer's but couldn't get her VCR to cooperate. We were looking forward to a good laugh but maybe next time...

I had my doctor's appointment Monday and got back in with my doctor at home. He said everything was fine so that's good news. I 'll be back at the end of April for the glucose test which doesn't sound too fun. Hopefully we'll know where in the world we are going to live by then but who knows. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm trying to get rid of some stuff in a yard sale so hopefully that will go ok. AND, we may be going to pick up a beagle pup Sunday...not for sure yet, but hopefully :)

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