Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally...a finished product!

Welp, after STARTING to make about 4-5 different things, I decided that I must FINISH at least one in order to start another! I've been buying patterns and fabric like crazy and then thought...I haven't finished one single thing that I've started. So, this weekend, I finished little Mamie's outfit...the first thing I began to work on. Also, Will's outfit only lacks buttons and having it monogrammed, so it's almost complete (i'll post pics of it when it's done). So, here it is..

It just feels good to finally finish something! Hopefully it will fit ok :)

Saturday, Mack's aunts, Grandmother, and cousins had us a baby shower in Wadley. It was so much fun and Kathleen got lots of nice things! We played some pretty fun games too. One was that everyone got a clothes pin when they came in and they were told that you can't say 'baby'. If someone said baby then their clothes pin was free game for anybody. Whoever had the most clothes pins at the end won a prize. I was the 1st one to say 'baby'! haha. It was so funny! My Momma has some hilarious pics that I will have to get from her and put on here. Bridgette ended up with the most pins at the end. Another one was the toilet paper game where everyone tore off the amount of TP that they thought would go around my waist. so funny! It was a great time! Here are just a few pics that were on my Mom has better ones...

This is my last week in Auburn :( It's bitter sweet for me. I'm toooo excited about moving home, but somewhat sad about leaving here. I have loved our 1st house in Tallassee and have already had some wonderful memories there. And, leaving Auburn this time is a little sad. I know from here on out, when I'm here, it's just to visit. I'm so used to having things right at my fingertips here. If I want to visit campus or see the stadium or just go out to eat at one of my favorite places, I'm there. I'm more than likely going to get over that fairly quickly once I get home to my family and friends! But, it is quite sad. I have made a list of all the restaurants I wanted to hit up before I left...I have been to Jim Bob's, Momma G's and Jimmy's so far....Chicken Salad Chick today for lunch and we'll see what else. Is it sad that I have a schedule of eating out?!? yeah, probably, but I'm going to miss those places!!

Here are just a few pics from the last time I was at home. Some are of sunset at my parents. I thought it was so pretty. we took the pups out to run in the field and they just loved the tall, cool grass. They were so funny! Some of the other pics are of John David helping Daddy with the tomato plants and doing some other things...he is such a good helper :)

And now for the 28 week picture...I am getting LARGE!

Kathleen is sure enough moving around now. Especially at night...she's a little night owl :) It's so precious when Mack feels her move...he looks at me like a little kid and is like 'huh, I felt her'. He's too funny! I go back to the doctor on the 18th. I don't think it will be this visit but the next when he is wanting to do another ultrasound yay, I will get to see my precious little girl soon! Can't wait!

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  1. large... you are NOT!! You look precious! I"m excited for you that you get to move home..jealous! But I know what you mean, you will definitely miss Auburn, but it will make it more special when you do get to go and visit. Not much longer!!! Can you believe that Kathleen will be here before you know it! I can't wait to see her precious little face! LOVE the outfit too! I've really got to get on my "sewing". Maybe soon! Love and miss yoU!!