Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to reality....

Let me end my non-blogging streak by saying that I had the most awesome 1 week, beach vacation last week! And how sad I am that it's over...I came back to a house FULL of boxes and then going back to work...the fun was over. We have been crazy busy getting moved. I began work here in Moulton May 11th. I have had 2 baby showers since then among a million other things going on. So, my vacation last week was very needed in my opinion. :) I guess i will start with the earlier events this past month....Like I said i started work May 11th here in Moulton and it's been wonderful. I invaded my parents house for about 2 weeks. I wasn't the only one though...Stacy and Will were here for 2 1/2 weeks!! we had so much fun and he is getting so big. I was so glad they were here while I was staying at Momma and Daddy's. They had a shower at church on the 17th which was so nice and Kathleen got so many nice things! My Momma surprised me with her day gown she had made...I was shocked! 1st of all, my mother cannot keep a gift secret and 2nd of all, she always waits til the last minute when she's smocking/sewing, so how in the world she kept from the finding out with me being there for 2 weeks, I don't know! It's so pretty though and I love it. she's quite talented :) Too bad she didn't pass much of that talent on to me..haha. Here are a few pics from that shower(ok, thought I had more than this, but they're on my Momma's camera):

The very next weekend was Memorial day weekend. Saturday afternoon, we all went over to Mary Helen and David's lake house to grill out..yummy! I put a couple of pics from that on here. Then, Sunday was the shower at my aunt Carol's. It was a blast! Again, Kathleen got so many nice things!! The house was full of people and gifts. My in-laws gave me a rocker and it is so beautiful...i am in love with it! Then Monday, I headed over to Adairsville for Ed's retirement picnic that was on Tuesday. We had a great time at Mack's parents house on Monday just playing with dogs, throwing horseshoes (i was just a spectator), and grilling out. His retirement lunch was a lot of fun too. They had some great food and so many wonderful things to say about Ed. I know he'll be missed up there! Just a few pics...

Will wore the outfit I made him for the shower :)

On Wednesday i got some wonderful news that my friend, Cece had their little girl! Rose is gorgeous!! Congrats to them!
That Friday was the day I had been looking forward to for a VERY LONG TIME!!!! I headed down to Montgomery to meet Mack at his office. Then, we were off to Ft. Rucker to stay with his cousin Zach and Krystal. We had a great time visiting with them. Saturday morning, we got up, ate breakfast, and off to the beach!!!! YIPPEE! We got to Panama City about 10:30 and went to Erin's hotel and laid out on the beach with her until we could check into our condo. We went to our condo(the Origin - a new place - it's across the road from the beach, but not a bad walk and very affordable) and got ready for Stacy and Jacob's wedding. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding at the Beachcomber. She was gorgeous and everything was so nice. They are such a fun couple! We went to the grocery store and came back and crashed about 9:30(just so I don't have to repeat this - we were in bed and asleep EARLY every night...what old folks!). Sunday was our 1 year anniversary!! I just can't believe it's already been a's crazy. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were getting for it. So, Sunday we celebrated by layin out on the beach ALL DAY LONG!!! My sweet husband got me a Pandora charm, and a sweet frame that says 'Baby to Bee' with a little bee on it and put Kathleen's ultrasound pic in there. Too precious! I was a bad wife and had not found what I wanted to get him yet. I knew what I wanted to get him, just did not find the perfect one :) (Eventually, he got an Auburn watch that I found while at the beach - i wanted to get him a pocket watch because timepieces are one of the traditional one year anniversary gifts. sounds cheesy I know, but I had not idea what to get him and thought I'd just stick with tradition :) ) That night we went to the Boatyard for our anniversary dinner. It was wonderful!!! All day long we kept saying 'ok, it's 10 o'clock...what were we doing on our wedding day at 10' or 'it's 2...we were getting married right now'. We just had a wonderful day. This past year has been awesome and very eventful to say the least! the best anniversary gift is the arrival of Kathleen...we are so excited and can't wait for her to be here! Monday was again spent at the beach. But, it was after we invested in a beach umbrella. what a life saver! We wouldn't have stayed out there for very long without it. I had continuously applied sunscreen on Monday, but I guess when your body hasn't seen sun since last summer, it doesn't matter. And I guess sitting in a beach chair on Sunday just roasted the tops of my legs even more and my chest and shoulders. I was pretty well done. I couldn't spend too much time on my stomach. I had started diggin a hole for my belly in the sand so I could lay down :) Worked perfectly...but still not comfortable for very long. Anywho, Monday afternoon after the beach, we went to a new shopping center in PC and walked around and went to the Hofbrau Biergarten. Mack had to try out the beer there and compare to the one in Germany. Of course it wasn't as good because it's not as fresh, but still it was fun to go. We had brats in a blanket (their menu was very Americanized too). They were good as our appetizer. Then we went to Hammerhead Fred's later for our meal. It was pretty good. We loaded up Tuesday morning and headed to Orange Beach! Mack was taking me there for my girls beach trip. I was so pumped!! We went to eat in Foley at the bowling alley. This was one of my favorites when I was working in Bay Minette. and I can assure you they have the best crab claws ever!!! So, I checked into the condo at about 1:30 and waited for the 1st batch of girls to arrive. we all headed to the beach for the afternoon, then went grocery shopping which was an adventure in itself. We spent all day Wednesday at the beach and pool. It was pretty cloudy but we all just rested and agreed that we got a little bit of sun through the clouds :) The other 3 girls got there Wednesday night. We spent pretty much every day just getting up early, eating, and laying out by the pool or beach. It was FABULOUS! We all just enjoyed catching up with each other and really had so much fun together. Thursday night we went to Live Bait, ate, and then saw the Velcro Pygmies, which apparently are my friend, Molly's favorite band to go see :) So, Kathleen has already heard the pygmies and I think she really likes them...:) We also ate at the Original Oyster House while we were there on friday. Then, Saturday, we went to the outlets and finished our trip with a meal at the Steamer in Gulf Shores. We tried to go to LuLu's but we'd probably still be waiting for our food right now if we woulda ate there. Sunday we all loaded up and sadly headed home. I think we all concurred that this was going to have to be an every year occurrence. I had gotten spoiled and Monday morning, it was definitely hard to get up and come to work...I was just wishing i was going to the beach instead! Oh yes, and the movers moved our stuff into the house on Friday so I walked into a house full of boxes!! My vacation ended quite abruptly right then! We have been staying up til 10:30 or 11 (which, mind you is incredibly late for me :) ) and unpacking. It's overwhelming, but we are getting there. i love our little house and the pups LOVE their fenced in back yard. they get to run around all the time! So, that's what's been going on with me. Very busy and having lots of fun!! :)

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  1. Yay for the update!! You look so stinkin cute!!! I so wish I could see you in person! Send me your address when you get a chance! ;) I"m glad you got to go to the beach, I so wish I could!! I"m dying! ;) Have fun unpacking and setting up your new house! That's fun.... to a point. But it will be fun getting Kathleen's room ready! ;) I love and miss you and wish I could see you soon!